06 Februari 2012

My favorite romantic song korea

  1. sung sing kyung-You are my spring,Dazzling Proposal
  2. Taeyeon feat The one-Like a star
  3. Taeyeon-Can you hear me
  4. Taeyeon-If
  5. K.will-Love is Punisment,A Love to Kill,Can I Love You again
  6. Kim Bum Soo-I Miss You
  7. CN Blue-love light
  8. S.Jin-Soo Ho chun Sa/ost.spring waltz
  9. Loveholic-One love/ost.spring waltz.
  10. Ryu-My memory/ost.winter sonata
  11. Davichi-Don't say goodbye,we were in love feat t-ara
  12. TVXQ-I believe
  13. Ost.My Sassy Girl Chun hyang
  14. Ost.Autumn in my heart

actually there are a lot of songs from singer K.Will but I forgot what the title says.
And when I hear it is really romantic.